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Available exclusively with Black Collar Arms. 


Hand laid in CNC cut precision molds and forged to what you see here.

At 5.29oz(30mm model) you get all weight savings with no sacrifices.

Using custom 17-4 stainless inserts (anchored in the base) and #8-36 alloy steel screws and mix that with almost no thermal expansion (6x less than aluminum) you can go from 0 degree environment to 100 degree or vice versa and know this mount will be exactly the same in any condition.

Alloy steel #10-32 screws and Allen nuts and two recoil lugs keeps the base securely planted.

The one piece body mixed with the forged carbon fiber creates the most rigid mount on the market. Nobody even comes close.

Because this is a very rigid material follow the special torque instructions in the box to prevent any damage to your new mount.

Each mount is hand inspected and tested before it leaves. Quality and knowing that I provided you with the best possible product is my goal.


If you have any questions shoot an email over and I will do my best to answer them.